ULTRA Plating can develop a metal finish to meet your specific performance goals.

We offer finishes ranging from “ULTRA Gloss:’ our flawless mirror finish, to a wide variety of Matte finishes and Mirror Release finishes, each one a custom solution, designed to match your specific product requirements

Why ULTRA Finishing?


The sophisticated performance goals of products such as films and coated papers, combined with today’s emphasis on quality control, require the use of precise process control to achieve those goals. It is no longer adequate to characterize high-performance roll, drum, or cylinder finishes by ‘roughness’ or ‘roughness and gloss’ alone.

At ULTRA Plating, we define and optimize the performance characteristics of metal finishes by specifying and monitoring key surface parameters. Process control techniques and computer-aided technology enable us to produce and reproduce finishes to exact specifications, ensuring performance duplication and end-product uniformity.

Quality control is an integral part of the finishing process.

Each roll is inspected by our technicians as it is received to determine its initial condition with regard to geometry, wear and/or damage.

The roll can then be: stripped or ground as needed; repaired; hard chrome or electroless nickel plated; texturized (either before or after plating, or both) or finish ground; and then polished.
Rolls are precision ground to establish TIR roundness, straightness and diametrical size. Roll body-to-journal concentricities are typically held to .0005/.001/TIR. Tighter tolerances (to .0002 TIR) can be met upon request.

Finish Development

Key Process Variables Are:

  • Blasting Media Type: Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Steel Grit and Shot and Glass Beads
  • Grit Sizes: Sizes range from 600x to 16x
  • Blasting Pressure
  • Blasting Nozzle Type
  • Number of blasting passes
  • Blasting into substrate or chrome, or both
  • Plating Thickness

Click here to download the Military Plating Specifications PDF