The Polymer used in the Impregnation process is a long chain, highly cross linked polymer with a dense molecular structure blended with an organic penetrating agent. It is used to impregnate metallic substrates and coatings to improve surface performance. The Polymer is impregnated into the micro-crystalline structure of the metal and is molecularly bonded there. The Polymer completely seals off the substrate and imparts time release lubricity and continuous corrosion resistance improving the life and performance of the part.


• Improved corrosion resistance, up to 1,000 hours, ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test
• Reduced Coefficient of Friction (Static):

Steel on Steel
Polymer Impregnated Steel on Steel
Chrome on Steel
Polymer Impregnated Chrome on Steel

• Improved Abrasion Resistance:

Polymer Impregnated Chrome
8-10 mg/1000 cycles TWI
2 – 3 mg/1000 cycles TWI

• Improved release properties
• Will not affect the dimensional tolerances of the part
• Heat resistant to over 1,200 F
• Resistant to all solvents tested
• All ingredients of the Polymer are on the FDA approved list of “Indirect” Additives Used in Contact Substances for use with foods, food additives, medical devices and drugs.