Custom Roll Design and Fabrication

RollsWorking with our industry partners, we can handle the entire job including design, fabrication, and finishing.

Precision Roll Grinding and Balancing

Precision hard wheel grinding between centers, supporting bearing diameters, or in your bearings to provide tightest possible tolerance for TIR roundness, straightness, diameter size, and roll body to journal concentricity.

Nickel-Plated Internal Flow Passages

Coating these surfaces with ULTRA Electroless Nickel eliminates scale buildup and corrosion, improves flow and eliminates heat transfer problems.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Baking

Chromium deposits are baked as specified in our 6′ x 25′ computer controlled oven.

Roll Reports

ULTRA Plating will furnish a report describing the work performed on your roll inculding: roll geometry, process sequence, plating thickness, profilometer data, and micrographs (where applicable).

Custom Roll Boxes

We’ll design and construct metal- reinforced containers to protect your valuable custom roll surface.

Turn-Around Time

ULTRA will schedule our production to fit with your time demands, accommodating for shut-downs, break-downs and replacement requirements.

Pick-up and Delivery

ULTRA’s trucks are available for short haul requirements when necessary.